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MTCC-Asia joined IMO GHG-SMART Programme
MTCC-Asia joined IMO GHG-SMART Programme

MTCC-Asia was invited to participate in the GHG-SMART Programme meeting on June 7, 2021. It was attended by the head of MTCC-Asia Ruan Wei, deputy head Wang Yingming, and technical officer Zhou Feng.

This project plans to use the 4-year period of 2021-2025, to support LDCs and SIDS with the IMO GHG Strategy implementation via building human capacity in these countries.

The meeting discussed about the Establishment of a Sustainable Maritime Transport Training Programme to support the implementation of the IMO Strategy on Reduction of GHG Emissions from Ships. Participants conducted specific conversation mainly through regulations, existing and new technologies, existing and new fuels, methods of securing finance, national action planning, and national impact assessments.

After the meeting, the organizer also collected targeted questionnaires to carry out in-depth research on future projects.