The International Maritime Organization (IMO) and European Union (EU) reached an agreement in December 2015 to establish Maritime Technology Cooperation Centres (MTCCs) in five regions, i.e. Asia, Africa, Latin America, Caribbean and Pacific. The overall objective is to enhance capacity building in mitigating climate change through the effective adoption of global efficient energy measures by way of technical mentorship, professional training, data collection, regional coordination in adhering to international regulations on energy efficiency of ships. In December 2016, following the win of one-year bidding competition, Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) entered into an agreement with IMO as the host Institution of MTCC-Asia, which was then inaugurated in 15th May 2017.


 The center serves as a promoting hub in Asia for IMO-EU MTCC projects by providing innovative technologies in curbing Green House Gas, sharing of technical expertise and discovering innovative ways to reduce the carbon emission and shipping cost through conferences, workshops, maritime education and training, and technological co-operations and transfer.