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Shanghai Business School African Class visited MTCC-Asia
Shanghai Business School African Class visited MTCC-Asia

In August 2019, African Class of Shanghai Business School were invited to visit MTCC-Asia, which is funded by the European Union and implemented by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Mr. Zhou Feng, Technical Officer of MTCC-Asia, received the guests. The 17 trainees were officials working in maritime and transportation administration departments of African countries such as Guinea.

Under the hospitality of MTCC-Asia, after a guided tour in MTCC-Asia downtown office, the trainees were given an introduction on the main functions of MTCC-Asia and the tasks they were dedicated to. In addition, Mr. Zhou Feng briefed them about a series of capacity building activities carried out by MTCC-Asia as a special organization under IMO in the past more than two years since its establishment. The IMO’s ship fuel oil consumption data collection, the pilot projects undertaken by MTCC-Asia and their international operation experience were discussed in details. After the introduction, the trainees had a discussion on the energy efficiency data collection and analysis system currently developed by MTCC-Asia, and explored the possibility for the research results transfer in their own countries. The trainees also discussed with MTCC-Asia staff on other matters such as measures for ship’s GHG emission control and the legislation construction for improving ship energy efficiency.