Virtual Regional Ship Energy Efficiency Technology Promotion Campaign: MTCC-Asia and Malaysia held


Recently, MTCC-Asia, funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and Malaysia jointly held the Virtual Regional Ship Energy Efficiency Technology Promotion Campaign. The Campaign, organized by MTCC-Asia, Marine Department Malaysia and Shanghai Maritime University (SMU), was attended remotely by 40 representatives from China and Malaysia shipping industry.

Vice president, Prof. Shi Xin, on behalf of SMU, addressed the welcome speech to representatives. He also briefly introduced the development of the university, reviewed the history of cooperation between the university and the Malaysian maritime authorities and relevant institutions. At the same time, he pointed out that the novel coronavirus epidemic should not stop the development of shipping technology. He hoped that the two sides would carry out cooperation in the fields of shipping transportation and maritime management in the future to continue to contribute to the development of shipping industry in Asia.

In his message, Prof. Jin Yongxing, the Director Council of MTCC-Asia, he highlighted that the importance of goods carried by sea has been well demonstrated due to the COVID-19 pandemic and to ensure the world supply chains continue to function safely and effectively with contactless clearance of ships in and out of ports in a green manner is still of great importance. He also believed that this online meeting would enable the industry to continually adapt as new technologies came of age and could be included in the original design and operation with the objective of green ships.

After the introduction of the MTCC-Asia activities in the future expressed by Prof. Ruan Wei, the Head of MTCC-Asia, presentations related to ship energy efficiency promotion in Malaysia, theory and practice on ship speed reduction for promotion of energy efficiency, and in-situ introduction of the research projects in SMU integrated engine room lab was extended by Malaysian delegate, MTCC-Asia technical officer and SMU lecturers, respectively. The Campaign was closed at the end of panel discussion.

The purpose of the Campaign is to establish a point-to-point and in-depth communication of exchange between a selected Asian country and MTCC-Asia in terms of the technical and operational views of the uptake of the ship energy efficiency.

Welcome speech by Prof. Shi Xin

Attendees online

 In-situ introduction of the research projects in SMU integrated engine room lab