Virtual Regional Ship Energy Efficiency Technology Promotion Campaign: MTCC-Asia and Cambodia held


MTCC-Asia and Cambodia jointly held the Virtual Regional Ship Energy Efficiency Technology Promotion Campaign on 25th February, 2021. The Campaign, organized by MTCC-Asia, General Department of Waterway-Maritime Transport and Port (GDWMP), Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Cambodia and Shanghai Maritime University (SMU), was attended remotely by about 30 representatives from shipping industry of China and Cambodia.


Prof. Shi Xin, Executive Director of MTCC-Asia and Vice President of SMU, made a welcome speech on behalf of SMU. He briefly introduced the development of the university, reviewed the history of cooperation between the university and the Cambodia maritime authorities and relevant institutions and greeted the Campaign.


Prof. Jin Yongxing, the Director of MTCC-Asia Council and Honorary Chair of International Maritime Lecturers Association (IMLA), mentioned in his message that the COVID-19 brought a huge challenge to the world and shipping industries, but with the great efforts made by seafarers and other practitioners, the supply chain come back to normal step by step. Finally, he hoped that all the participants could have a better understanding in the importance of climate change and raise the awareness of new technologies of green ships through this online meeting.

Mr. H.E. Mak Sideth, the Director General of GDWMP, Cambodia, addressed the opening speech to all participants. He extended his sincere appreciation to MTCC-Asia to the establishment of MTCC-Asia Cambodia branch office. And on behalf of Cambodia maritime government, he wished to have further cooperation with MTCC-Asia in the future.

Prof. Ruan Wei, the Head of MTCC-Asia, Dean of IEC-SMU, made a presentation on Work of MTCC in Asia Region in introducing the MTCC-Asia capacity-building activities, technological work and future activities with regional partners.

Mr. SREY Sokhdara, Deputy Director, Port Administration Department, made a presentation related to the Ship Energy Efficiency Promotion from Cambodia side. The current practices in relation to ship energy efficiency and challenges for Cambodia shipping industry was highlighted by him.

The theory and practice on ship speed reduction for promotion of energy efficiency and Application of Global Navigation Satellite System in promoting ship energy efficiency by MTCC-Asia technical officers and SMU lecturers, respectively. The Campaign was closed at the end of panel discussion.

The purpose of the Campaign is to establish a point-to-point and in-depth communication of exchange between a selected Asian country and MTCC-Asia in terms of the technical and operational views of the uptake of the ship energy efficiency.

MTCC-Asia is funded by the European Union (EU), implemented by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and hosted by SMU.

Prof. Shi Xin, Executive Director of MTCC-Asia and Vice President of SMU

Prof. Jin Yongxing, Director of MTCC-Asia Council and Honorary Chair of IMLA

H.E. Mak Sideth, Director General of GDWMP

Prof. Ruan Wei, Head of MTCC-Asia, Dean of IEC-SMU

Presentation by Mr. SREY Sokhdara

Attendees online