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The International Maritime Organization (IMO) and European Union (EU) reached an agreement in December 2015 to establish Maritime Technology Cooperation Centres (MTCCs) in five regions, i.e. Asia, Africa, Latin America, Caribbean and Pacific. The overall objective is to enhance capacity building in mitigating climate change through the effective adoption of global efficient energy measures by way of technical mentorship, professional training, data collection, regional coordination in adhering to international regulations on energy efficiency of ships. In December 2016, following the win of one-year bidding competition, Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) entered into an agreement with IMO as the host Institution of MTCC-Asia, which was then inaugurated in 15th May 2017. The center serves as a promoting hub in Asia for IMO-EU MTCC projects by providing innovative technologies in curbing Green House Gas, sharing of technical expertise and discovering innovative ways to reduce the carbon emission and shipping cost through conferences, workshops, maritime education and training, and technological co-operations and transfer.

Our vision

Under the framework of missions and objectives set by the IMO, the MTCC-Asia vision is:


Specifically, the MTCC-Asia is a sustainable region-pioneering constituent of the global network for promotion, exchange, demonstration and dissemination of ship energy efficiency and GHG emission mitigation technologies and operations, making significant contribution to the greener shipping.

The vision will be accomplished through:

  • UPTAKE of the cutting-edge technology and effective operation of the maritime GHG emissions mitigation and ship energy efficiency within Asia. Ideally the MTCC-Asia will understand, enhance and transfer the above mentioned technology and operation within the Asian region, in particular the LDCs and SIDSs.
  • SHARE of the successful experience and reliable results within regional maritime administrations, port authorities, other relevant government departments and related shipping stakeholders via effective communication and visibility actions in the pursuit of the implementation with the IMO Instruments such as MARPOL Annex VI. It is believed that the output from the MTCC-Asia can span over the boundaries and serve as Excellence Model to other countries in the effort to fight against air pollution from ships.
  • SUSTAINABILITY of the MTCC and the potential beneficiary countries at large, to ensure the continuance of the project after its 3-year contract period. In prospection, the MTCC-Asia will grow from a young fledged regional centre to a leading maritime technology centre that is all-open, inclusive and accessible to the region and the world via accomplishments, connections and commitment.


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IMO’s announcement

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